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The experience and meticulous knowledge of raw materials has led us over the years to refine our production techniques, giving life to a product of the highest quality and value. Our strong point: the constant control of the production cycle!



Today market leader in the sale of leather for footwear and leather goods, we aim to constantly improve and maintain the quality standards of our products, without ever neglecting respect for the environment.



Our goal is to affirm Made in Italy as a synonym of quality and refinement, studying the best strategies to keep our product valuable and eco-sustainable through constant checks on the production cycle.

Made in Italy


Craftsmanship is a component that has always accompanied our company. We are committed to respecting and defending it, in order to always offer the highest quality signed Made in Italy.

In the early 50s Giuseppe d'Angelo took his first steps in the leather sector. Farsighted man and skilled trader, he begins to sell linings and leather for shoes. In a short time, the Giuseppe d'Angelo company became a point of reference for all the footwear companies on the entire national and international scene. Since the 1960s, the company has experienced exponential growth which allows it to acquire factories and control all stages of processing. The son Pasquale manages to establish himself more and more on the market with the same correctness and reliability of his father.

In 2013, his grandson Giuseppe joined the company, having grown up in the company thanks to the advice handed down from his grandfather and father. He is trained in the field and lives his work with passion. Giuseppe brings the typical innovation of the new generations into the company with solid experience from the past. Daraf today is the market leader on the national and international territory in the sale of leather, driven by Giuseppe's entry into the company. Coming to expand its borders and focus mainly on the foreign market.

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